About us

For over 11 years, Tropical Bed and Bath has been Costa Rica’s top supplier of luxury-class, quality hotel bedding and bath linens. In the world of textiles, mostly everything looks pretty good at first. But as almost everyone knows, after a few washings, there are good textiles, and there are real disappointments. This is where Tropical Bed and Bath comes in. We select and offer only quality. Our bed and bath linens are well-made: they are beautiful, they last, and they stand up to the rigours of hotel use. And they never fail to create that ‘wow factor’ as soon as a guest enters the room or touches the bed!

Our mission - and our passion - is to support our hospitality clients, and to make sure that we do our part to help them please their guests and to inspire top ratings on Trip Advisor or recommendations via word of mouth

Supporting our clients means not only providing them with quality, but at the best possible prices. We know that linens are a notable part of the hospitality budget, and that keeping an eye on the costs is important. So we make sure we get them the best possible prices from the various factories we work with. That way we know, when durability, and a little pinch of guest delight is factored in, we offer the best prices in Central America.

Know what you want? We’ll quote you.

Want it on time? Of course.

Want it today? Choose from our stock of hotel and spa linens kept right here in Costa Rica.

Need help putting together the perfect bed for your budget? That’s also included.

Want to create that beautiful fluffy white bed for your guests, but don’t want to overwhelm them with heat or raise the costs of air conditioning? We can show you how.

Want to make sure your linens are being handled correctly by your staff? We can help.

Wish that supplying your needs could be just a little easier? Rely on it. That’s what we’re here for.

We keep a large stock of everything you need for your rooms, your pool, and your spa right here at our Costa Rica–based warehouse. If we do not have it in stock we can bring it in in short time. You will notice on the website that we indicate those items that are stocked and those items that can be shipped to Costa Rica in about a month. Or, if you’re looking for something even more unique, we can design and manufacture to your specifications with our overseas partners.

Give us a call to schedule a consultation and see (and feel!) our products . You can visit us at our beautiful store in San José or if you prefer we can come visit you.

Our success doesn’t rely on marketing or publicity. It relies on keeping happy customers year after year by earning their trust and recommendation. We look forward to including you too in our constantly growing group of happy customers!

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