Put the puff on the bottom not on the top. The new bedding standards achieve a puffy look through the use many layers on top of the sleeper and/or thick duvets. This is too hot for the tropics! Your bed will look just a fluffy with a puffy mattress pad as with a puffy duvet, and it wont be too hot!

An extra-thick mattress pad /topper will immediately give that comfy puffy look on the mattress, and make for a more luxurious sleep. An older or cheaper mattress can be turned into a dream mattress with the addition of a pillow topper. Even if you have a pillow top mattress you may want to invest in a topper as they are generally made of more breathable fabrics than mattresses.

Invest in 100% good-quality cotton silky soft sheets. This will give a soft, luxurious, sensual feel to the bed. Avoid polyester/cotton blend sheets. They do not breath like pure cotton, and are never as soft.

Use a light, non-feather duvet and fold back twice to give a puffier look, either at the end of the bed or part way down.

Never use a thick duvet as it will be too hot, and be careful of feather fillings, as in the humidity of the tropics they can take on an odor. This is not a problem with very high end and very expensive duvets, but it is for hotel quality duvets.

Use four pillows or more on each the bed. Make sure that at least two of the pillows are the proper size for the bed – ie: use king pillows on a king bed and queen pillows on a queen bed. The pillows can be smaller in the front, or the same size. Use Euro squares if you need height on the bed.

Use colored decorative pillows and/or  bed runners if you want to add color to the bed. Plain white beds work well in hot areas, and are now very well appreciated by hotel guests worldwide.

Classic fluffy white beds have white bed skirts.  In the tropics, however, if you don’t have carpeting on the floor, white bed skirts can get dirty very fast when floors are cleaned with damp mops. Tropical fluffy white beds don’t need bed skirts unless you need to cover the box spring.

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